Czech application used for the supervision of work activities in real time. It is primarily used by security agencies and facility management companies (cleaning, maintenance, etc). The TouchGuard mobile application is part of the SIMPHONY application server. It is currently operated in eight European countries and Australia.

Online patrol system



We are an operator of the server application, so there is no need to install anything, you only log in into your account on the website. All information is thus available from anywhere.

  • Principal TouchGuard application for downloading at this LINK
  • Additional application to the TouchGuard application for downloading at this LINK
  • SMS Alert additional application for downloading at this LINK
  1. LOGIN

    If you are interested in trying the system, it is possible for free for a limited period of time. Contact us and we will send you login information.


    It is possible to download the application from Google Play as any other application that you have in your phone.


    The installation and the setting are very easy. To help you with that, we will train you, or our technical support is available to you.


    Transfer of data to the server in real time with an automatic assessment.


    It operates even it places with weak signal. Data are synchronised later, when it is possible.


    GPS tracking, detection of idleness, fall or phone tilt, vigilance button.


    Recording of arrivals and departures with the monitoring of the number of persons on the shift. If there are any discrepancies, notification is generated automatically.


    Attachments are uploaded to the server automatically. After that, it is possible to send them to responsible persons.


    It is possible to allow, limit (only to own list of numbers) or completely disable.

obecný telefon


    • Telephone matching through the QR code
    • Remote administration of the mobile terminal 
    • Blocking of the telephone against misuse for other than work purposes 
    • Possibility to display up to 20 various buttons (functions) on the telephone display 
    • NFC tags or iBeacons as checkpoints
    • Patrol options
      • Order of reading of control points – any order (initial), strict or open (reading of the same point in the patrol several times) 
      • Time setting – minimum/maximum time for the whole patrol or between certain points
      • Patrol tasks (lists of activities for a control point)
      • Unlimited number of patrol route
    • Automatic assessment of patrols (time and read control points)
    • All patrols from all localities can be displayed on a surveillance surface (for control rooms)
    • Support for the offline mode in the event of a weak signal 
    • Display of the course of the patrols (widget) on the summary area
    • Administration of tasks
      • One-off tasks
      • Repeated tasks (further tasks will start after certain time from the performance of the previous task)
      • Planned (start at a certain time)
    • Possibilities of the setting:
      • Description of the task
      • Time for the accomplishment of the task 
      • Depending on:
        • specific control point 
        • patrol
        • mobile terminal
        • person
    • User defined stages of tasks
    • Displaying of the course of the task accomplishment on the summary area
    • Tool for the creation of own forms that is subsequently filled in in a mobile terminal and sent to the server as a comprehensive report on the events that have occurred 
    • Elements of the form
      • Text field
      • Selection of a pre-defined category of events 
      • Attachments
        • Photographs
        • Voice messages
    • It is sufficient to create the form only once and it is possible to work with it in all localities 
    • Record of arrivals and departures 
    • Planning of shifts 
      • Verification of the required number of persons on a shift 
    • The course of a shift on a summary area 
    • Matching of the telephone through the QR code
    • Remote administration of the mobile terminal 
    • Blocking of the telephone against misuse for other than work purposes 
    • Possibility to display up to 20 various buttons (functions) on the telephone display
    • Allowed calling/SMS anywhere/nowhere/to an authorised list of numbers 
    • Lone Worker function according to the BS 8484 standard
      • Idleness
      • Tilt detection
      • Fall detection
      • Vigilance
      • GPS tracking
    • In case of an alert the telephone:
      • will send the alarm to the server and/or
      • send SMS with the information on the user and GPS position and/or
      • starts to dial set telephone numbers 
        • Configurable number of repeated calling 
    • Remote setting of the telephone volume
    • More than 40 types of events (both correctly completed tasks and incorrectly completed tasks)
    • Notifications are either sent by an email and/or displayed on the summary area 
    • Tool for the creation of own notifications (it is possible to compile a text composed of the text and information from the system)
    • Possibility to set restrictive conditions 
  • KPI
    • automatic assessment of events in the set interval day/week/months
    • for example:
      • minimum of 5 patrols per day 
      • maximum of 3 errors in a patrol per month are acceptable 
    • KPIs are assessed at the end of the interval and, if required, users are notified of the fact that KPI is/is not in order
  • MAPS
    • Geofencing (verification of the GPS location of the phone)
      • Monitoring of the leaving of the authorised area or
      • entry in the prohibited area 
    • Map underlying document is
    • Elements that can be displayed on the map 
      • Control points
      • Attachments
      • GPS tracking
      • Area with the authorised/prohibited access 
      • Sensors
      • Mobile device last known position
    • Time filters
      • Display of the activities only in a set time interval 
      • Display of the activities for the last hour (Live view)
    • Support for sensors communicating through the SNMP protocol
    • Setting of limit states 
    • Display of the current situation on the surveillance surface 
    • Comprehensive administration of users of all types at one spot 
    • Access to the website, patrols or presence 
    • Possibilities of detailed setting of user authorisations 
    • Promotion of users into more localities 
    •  Groups
    • List of all activities from the system 
    • Possibility to generate a PDF report with all events, including a preview of photographs, list of forms, tasks, etc
    • Administration of licences for sub-localities 
    • Possibility of limiting the number of:
      • Mobile terminals
      • Users
      • Control points
      • Patrols
      • Groupie
      • Sensors

The extended licence includes identical functions as the Basic function, and the following additional ones:


    The system for lending of property (primarily keys) with NFC tag. It is possible to lend the thing, allocate it to a person and set a required date for the return of the thing. If the thing is not returned, both the person who borrowed the thing and the administrator of property (e.g. receptionist) are notified by an email. 

    • The borrowings can be administered both on the website and in the mobile application. The administration of property itself (allocation of chips, etc) is made only on the website
    • Persons handling the mobile application have a comprehensive overview of the property and its condition and may easily contact persons (SMS/phone calls) who borrowed the property 
    • The property can be lent to users entered in the system (= you only select a person from the list) or enter the information (name, surname, email, telephone) on a one-off basis
    • If the property is not returned in time, the user receives a periodic email notification, or may be (by 1 click) contacted (SMS/phone call) by the administrator of property (receptionist)

    The possibility to complete the forms on the website.


    Heart rate monitoring using the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet.


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