The TouchGuard system was primarily developed for the purposes and use in security agencies and it entirely corresponds to their needs. Nowadays, thanks to its advanced functions, it is used by cleaning agencies, facility management companies (maintenance) and companies with positions with an increased injury risk (LWS).

TouchGuard is an original patrol system developed and operated by TTC TELSYS. It is a purely Czech application that is currently used in 8 countries worldwide. In addition to numerous other functions, it contains a system elaborated in detail for the protection and monitoring of lone workers (Lone Worker System – hereinafter “LWS”).

How the System Works?

Section 5, paragraph 1, letter e) of Act No. 309/2006 Coll., on Safety and Health Protection at Work, as amended, stipulates only the fact that the employer is obliged to organise the work and determine work procedures to adhere to the principles of safe activities at the workplace and prevent the employees in the workplace with an increased risk from working alone, without the supervision of another employee, if their protection is not provided otherwise. 

The “not provided otherwise” is dealt by LWS TouchGuard. The Czech legislation does not stipulate how it should be done; for this reason, our LWS is prepared in accordance with British BS8484 standard (Code of Practice for the provision of lone worker device services) which describes in detail how such system should work.

The operations of LWS TouchGuard require only a mobile phone with the Android operating system and internet connection. We recommend using resistant devices of some of the manufacturers who directly engage in the manufacturing of telephones suitable for industry. For example RugGear (outdoor and industry) or ECOM (telephones for the explosive environment ATEX Zone 1/21 and 2/22).

Methods of Identifying the Status of the Employees

  • Tilt – i.e. an employee is in a non-standard position 
  • Free fall
  • Bump
  • Idleness – an employee does not move for a certain time period 
  • GPS position beyond authorised area (geofencing)
  • Supervision over vigilance – an employee must confirm that he/she is all right in a determined time interval 
  • SOS button on the phone – certain phone models have the hardware SOS button 
  • Monitoring of the heartbeat level – thanks to a bracelet with the heart rate monitor it is possible to find out its approximate rate. Alarm can be declared pursuant to exceeding of limit values (minimum/maximum)
  • Telephone is offline – if the employee is off cell range, there is a risk that the alarm will not get where it should. For this reason, the system also monitors the availability of the internet connection. 

These methods can be freely combined based on the environment in which the risk workplace is located. 

What happens when Alarm is Declared 

  • The alarm through data route on the server. It is possible to use own environment of the server of the PCO JABLONET PRO solution
  • Sending of SMS with necessary information to any number of persons
  • An automatic dialling to selected numbers. The telephone automatically dials one number after another until the phone call is answered. It is possible to set the number of cycles of dialling. 

It is possible to select which of the methods will be active.


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