The online patrol system was primarily developed for the purposes and use in security agencies and it entirely covers their needs. Nowadays, thanks to its advanced functions, it is used by cleaning agencies, facility management companies (maintenance) and companies with positions with increased risk of injury (lone worker monitoring).

TouchGuard is an original patrol system developed and operated by TTC TELSYS. It is a purely Czech application that is currently used in 8 countries worldwide. For the operation of the TouchGuard patrol system only a mobile phone with the Android operating system, NFC chips as control points and internet connection are necessary.  

How the system works?

As the mobile phone has, unlike other, one-purpose systems, much wider possibilities of use, our application can be used for planning of tasks and monitoring of their course. The tasks are planned directly in the web application and are automatically sent to the mobile terminal either immediately or at selected time. The persons handling the mobile terminal are notified visually and by sound signals on new tasks that have to be dealt with. The tasks are in various stages, thanks to which the employee finds out what is the stage of completeness of the task without having to contact the worker. In addition to the tasks, it is possible to use the Forms function that is used for the reporting of workers to the manager. 

The telephone can be completely administered remotely. The user of the mobile terminal may use only what the administrator sets for the user through the web interface. For example, the authorisation of only selected functions of the system, calling, SMS. It is not possible to interfere in the telephone setting without the authorisation of the administrator, and it is not possible to use undesirable applications that do not relate to work. 

It is possible to monitor online the course of work on the web interface in the browser (it is not necessary to install anything anywhere) or through PCO JABLONET PRO.

The output from the system takes the form of PDF or CSV reports that can be sent automatically after the end of the shift.

Key Functions of the System

  • Tasks can be planned in several modes. One-off tasks for the building maintenance (e.g. dealing with an unexpected defect), repeated tasks for the cleaning service (e.g. do the cleaning after
    6 hours from the last cleaning) or planned tasks (e.g. annual review of fire extinguishers in the building or weekly check of the engine room). 
  • Forms are used for the reporting of unexpected events. In addition to a photograph from the place of the incident which contains GPS coordinates of the place where it was taken, it is possible to write down a comment, or select categories of events based on which the system automatically informs only persons responsible for the specific area. 
  • The presence is used for the recording of arrivals/departures of all workers in a building. Using the function of shifts planning it is possible to monitor automatically that a required number of persons is present in the building. 
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators are used for an automatic assessment of the number of events. For example, the number of patrols per day, number of errors per month, start of the patrol in
    a certain time slot. It allows to automate the activities that had to be usually counted manually. 
  • Record (journal) contains all events from the building that can be commented on. It will consequently form a comprehensive report on the activities in the building which can replace the paper operations book. 


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