• This manual describes how to update mobile app with minimal cooperation of mobile phone user, most of operation are done remotely. The mobile phone user will only tap four times on screen to update the app when needed. Go to  Mobile devices and  edit the device, which you would like to update. If you are using Guard […]

  • Default option is, when you have paired phone and are logged in as a patrolman (officer), just by scanning the tag is new tag uploaded automaticly. Tag is automaticly named by timestamp, which you can  edit in  Patrols /  Tags section. If you would like to name the tag in mobile while uploading, go to Locality settings […]

  • Except  Reports which are available directly on web, is possible to set email reports. This is easy way how to get reports to object manager or customer without web access. Go to  Reports and  Schedule For adding a report schedule click on add green  button In first tab choose  Basic options Type of report – choose […]

  • In mobile app is possible to disallow phone calls anywhere (default status) or allow to call anywhere or allow to add list of allowed phone numbers. Allow to call anywhere In section  Mobile terminals, click on  button, go to  Connection. Check the checkbox  Phone. Then  Save. Add list of allowed numbers In […]

  • Guard mode prevents using smartphone for nonworking activities. How to activate Guard mode For Guard mode activation go to section Mobile devices and choose Edit  Choose tab  Functions Push the button „Enable guard mode“ (only for the first time after pairing) The smartphone screen will be switched to instructions for GUard mode activation. Press „continue“ and […]

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