How to add (upload) new tags

  1. Default option is, when you have paired phone and are logged in as a patrolman (officer), just by scanning the tag is new tag uploaded automaticly. Tag is automaticly named by timestamp, which you can  edit in  Patrols /  Tags section.
  2. If you would like to name the tag in mobile while uploading, go to Locality settings (click on  Localities and there is  icon under “List view” inscription.newtag1
  3. If you change the settings there, click on  Save and on mobile phone log out and log in (to download new settings from server)
  4. Option “Mobile application shows a patrol tag creation dialog” means, you can type a tag name after scanning. Instead of fourth option it also works on login screen withnout logging in.
  5. There is a recommendation to choose “Create a log entry only”, after uploading all tags you wanted and  Save new settings.