How to set email reports

Except  Reports which are available directly on web, is possible to set email reports. This is easy way how to get reports to object manager or customer without web access.

  • Go to  Reports and  Schedule
  • For adding a report schedule click on add green  button
  • In first tab choose  Basic options
    1. Type of report – choose between Patrols report with evaluation, list of Checkpoints and Tasks reports
    2. Period of reports sending – Daily, Once a week or monthly
    3. Reference time – for daily report it is last 24 hours from reference time. If the reference time will be 6:00:00, daily report will contain last 24 hours from 6:00:00
    4. Generation time – recommended little bit higher because some data could arrive later
    5. Format – PDF or CSV (Excel)
    6. Deliver as attachement or link for download
    7. If this option is checked, you will not recieve any report, if there are no data
  • Then go to next tab  Localities, where you can choose from which locality or localities you would like to receive reports. Next.
  • You cal also  Filter reports by name or patrol definition
  • Last step  Recipients – choose users from system or add email address (press  after email typing to add)
  • Click on Save button. Done.