How to update mobile application

This manual describes how to update mobile app with minimal cooperation of mobile phone user, most of operation are done remotely. The mobile phone user will only tap four times on screen to update the app when needed.

    1. Go to  Mobile devices and  edit the device, which you would like to update.
    2. If you are using Guard mode, first switch it off by unchecking the  Guard mode checkbox and  Savetgupdate1
    3. Then edit the device once more and go to  Actions tab
    4. Find “Package name” field and type name of the package into it (depends on your distribution, mostly and press blue button  Lauch PlayStoretgupdate2
    5. Then on mobile phone, the screen will be switched to  Google Play and show only one app to update. Now follow figures instructions:
    6. After that, click Next, switch on the  Guard mode and  Save.