SIMPHONY 3.14 and TouchGuard 3.9

  • New buttons for Gmail, Gdrive (Google Drive), LED torch (works only on some device types, need to be tested before releasing to customer) and FSI GO
  • When scanning known tag which is not in definition, it will be written into patrol instance (I have patrol definition ABCD and scan tag E after C, in reports will be ABCED) – not working, will be ready when Android 3.10 will be released
  • To prevent unpairing lapsus there is confirmation¬†before unparing sending
  • Tags in reports and exports are sorted by time (just like live patrols)
  • Preparation for iBeacons instead of tags (not working yet, but available in Tags as input field)
  • Bugfixes in patrols with strict order – times worked wrong in past

Mobile app

  • Possibility to delete SMS (long press on SMS)
  • Vibrating when scanning tag