SIMPHONY 3.25 and TouchGuard 3.14

  • Offline patrol scheduling – scheduler is from this version pushed to mobile (in previous version was pushed each patrol and this was unreliable), so works also offline. Advatage is that each the patrol lauching does not use pushes for patrol starting anymore. When the scheduler is changed, it is pushed to mobile. If the mobile is offline when is pushed new scheduler (or is deleted), mobile still works with previous plan, as long as is able to download scheduler update.
  • Thermocamera support for CAT S60 – special APK is needed for this, not available in standard version from Google Play. For using of this special edition please contact us on
  • New button in  Mobile devices –  Functions – switching screen to allow installation from unknown sources. Necessary for “auto” updates
  • New option in  Mobile devices –  Functions –  Update settings just on-demand – Usually the mobile device is downloading new settings after person logout and new patrol definition after starting tag scanning. In some cases it could take a lots of time. So with this option, if is checked, you can work without these automatic update. You can dowload setting manually after person logout in cotext menu – Reload
  • Mobile app is sending only GPS coordinates, not coordinates from network (Wifi, GSM), which has low accuracy
  • New events
    • Patrol task not completed – after patrol ends, this event occurs, if all patrol tasks are not completed
    • Patrol not started – new setting in patrol scheduler (Timeout for checking first checkpoint (in minutes)). If the patrol is started, this is time limit for any tag scanning
  • Form detail – images has preview, not link only
  • Email notifications
    • When is Form submitted, there is new option – URL of form content – insert direct link to form detail.
    • For event conditions there are new time conditions. Could be usefull if you re interested in events only in selected time range.
  • Dashboard notifications
    • Form added – added direct link to form detail (by clicking to form name on widget)
    • Person login/logout – added mobile device name
  • In email notifications and reports are hidden recipients, if number of recipients is >1
  • Multi-tenant selection – if you would like to select/unselect whole branch in locality tree structure, for example setting permission for localities when creating user, you can use the “blue checkbox switch” to change behavior of locality selection.
  • Improved forms design