• KPIs
    • Usecase #1: “I need to have min 15 patrol per day. If not, I want to have notification”. So I will create new KPI with minimum 15 and choose event “Patrol ended”.
    • Usecase #2: “It is allowed to have maximum 5 mistakes in patrols per month”. So I will create KPI witk maximum of 5 events and choose events related to mistakes in patrol, like “Patrol checkpoint not visited” or/and “Time constraint violated for a patrol” etc. When is choosed more evet types, they are summed up.
    • 3 new events for notifications
    • KPIs has instances, just like patrols. So the active instance of KPI is displayed on dashboard
    • After KPI ends (and start new), there is history in  Reports
    • KPIs has propagation, so it could be created once and propagated to all Localities
  • Automatic dashboard notification closing – default notification expiration is 24 h. It can be changed in Locality options ( button between user name and  Localities switch
  • Notifications propagation – possibilty co create notification once and propagate it to all localities
  • Mobile device last usage timestamp
  • Licencing for Forms and KPIs
  • Manual CSV exports for Forms
  • Bugfixes
    • Map autozoom