SIMPHONY 3.36 and TouchGuard 3.20


  • Comments for events in  Logs – Now you can click on any event in Logs to see the event detail and add comment. Comments are included in PDF exports.

TouchGuard mobile 3.20

  • Wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2 support – new LoneWorker features
    • Hearbeat monitor
    • Panic button
      (Necessary to have paired wristband via original app Mi Fit)
  • Unlocking Guard mode by sending the unlocking password by SMS (necessary ho have mobile app on foreground)
  • Option to launch patrol by tapping on Patrols button without scanning starting Checkpoint
  • SMS paring – just send SMS in the form TGdeviceNr@password$ for example TG1234@jaHdljsJ$. If you use special server address, send SMS in the form TGdeviceNr@password@server-address$, for example TG1234@jaHdljsJ@$
  • New button for 3rd party app
    • Appenate
    • Google Maps
  • Added 3rd party apps on whitelist
    • com.vodafone.messaging
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Links in recieved SMS is clickable (opens browser)