TouchGuard 3.47

Some new features require TouchGuard version 3.26+

  • Attachments now support video recording (phone quality determines video quality) or inserting any document from phone (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, dwg, jpg, png, avi, mpg, mp4)
  • Tasks support completion by filling in a form. This allows you to specify a “Fill in XY Form” task. When creating a task just select the form template to be filled.
  • The alarm sound from the mobile terminal is now louder. The signaling is not terminated until the alarm is confirmed. For everything to work properly, you need to have an open page Dashboard. It can also be in the background, ie you can work in other browser tabs.
  • You can remotely block the mobile terminal . In case of loss or theft, the phone can be locked to prevent any use. If necessary, it can be unlocked again
  • Reports show the time of completion of the patrol task