• Forms (available from version 3.27 for Android)
      • Field groups
      • Random selection from a group of fields
    • Separator – for optical separation of groups or items in the form
    • Title – appears in the form
    • Predefined text – text/paragraph that will be displayed in the form
  • Tasks
    • Attachments for tasks – documents that can be uploaded to assign a task
    • Forms in tasks – the completion of a task is considered to be the completion of a form
  • Attachments
    • New types of attachments – video, file from phone storage
  • Reports
    • Patrols – reworked statistics
  • NFC tags
    • Import tags from CSV. Supports CSV format from Excel
  • Revised selection of one or more items (usually users or mobile terminals, etc.)
  • Sending scheduled reports from the Logs in CSV format